What is: Static Front Page

A WordPress website can have a dynamic blog-like front page, or a static front page which is used to show customized content.

By default, WordPress uses the first option by showing your most recent posts on the front page. Some users prefer the second option which is also known as a “splash page” or a “custom home page”.

This feature is particularly useful for websites that want to keep a blog separate from other sections of their website or for users who want to showcase content other than blog posts on the front page of their website.

It can also make the site feel less like a blog and more like a full feature website. Often this feature is used on business sites.

Before you can set a static front page for you site, you have to create and publish the page that you would like to use as the static front page.

You can name it whatever you want and select your desired page template or just leave it as default. The static front page setting can be configured in the Settings » Reading screen.

Any WordPress page can be used as static front page, but you can only select the page that has been published already.

You should also go back and create a second page that has a title that is something along the lines of “blog”. This page will be used to hold your recent posts whether or not you choose to actually display it on your website. Some WordPress themes come equipped with templates to use for the static front page.

This post was originally published in the wpbeginner glossary.

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