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For over fifty years, Whitman-Walker has been part of the fabric of the local D.C. and national community as first responder and care-provider for those living with HIV; a leader in LGBTQ care and advocacy; a research center working to discover breakthroughs in HIV treatment and prevention science; and one of the DC’s most trusted partners during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

In 2021, Red Clay Creative and Spotted MP were hired to take on a range of branding and messaging challenges that this evolving organization has faced by refining how the three pillars of their organization are viewed internally and externally.

We first conducted market research and interviews with leadership, board members, and key stakeholders, to better understand their challenges. We then used this information to define their brand messaging and establish a framework for how each organizational pillar benefited the other without directly competing. Lastly, we analyzed how they could make adjustments to their websites to reflect this refined vision. As a result of our work, they decided to combine their two websites and we are leading a redevelopment of the website that reflects those changes.

Our journey with Whitman-Walker continues to evolve as we weave together the unique threads of their organization and adapt to the changing world around us.

“We loved working with Red Clay Creative. Their in-depth market analysis and meaningful engagement with our stakeholders provided the clarity needed to refine our messaging. This led to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our organization’s pillars, creating a strong connection with both our team and the broader community. That grew into exciting work for our 50th anniversary and more recently an update to our website. Thanks for all your help!”

- Abby Fenton,
Executive Director of Whitman-Walker Foundation