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January 4, 2022


We create connections through stories

Red Clay Creative has a passion for creative branding. We are a firm based in the Washington DC area working with a variety of businesses and non-profits. We help share your story through powerful branding that builds trust and engagement with your audiences.

Thank you for the opportunity

We appreciate the opportunity to submit a proposal for you. We understand what it’s like to be let down by a contractor, so we made sure we could actually accomplish your goals before saying yes.

If you have any questions about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are pleased to be considered and look forward to helping out.

Troy Riemer


Red Clay Creative will help Recspert finish your website so that you can launch your new company. We will make sure that the final features are developed, and that we test the platform before launch. This estimate includes consultations, development, and testing.


We expect to have your site complete by January 12th. We know you want it published as soon as possible, but taking over a project from other developers is rarely seamless and this gives us a little padding to adapt to any surprises.


Adding value to your company

We take into account all the different aspects of your goals and requirements and what we think it will take to deliver the highest quality product. A great product is always a must, but we want to deliver a great experience with customer service too. Let us know if you have any questions about our pricing or if we can clarify anything at all.

Wrapping Up Development List


We will be taking over development for and finishing up the following list.

  • Add credit system for recsperts (including 4 credits added to the services)
  • Badges for Users under 18
  • Badges for when background checks are completed
  • Updates to the About Us page
  • Consent button for our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before Signup is complete
  • Organize and update the Footer
  • Update packages
  • Copy updates to How it Works
  • Add skills that Recsperts can pick from when creating their profile

Any items outside of this list may be identified and quoted separately.

Checkr Integration

There are two different ways that we can accomplish the Checkr Integration.

Option #1 – $750

Collect client email, first name, and last name on and then have Checkr automatically send the user an email to handle the rest of the process through Checkr.

Option #2 – $3,000

Create the entire Checkr onboarding process on This will collect all candidate information, provide disclosures and create a pdf with signature. This option will add 1 week to the launch date.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

$50/mo. or $550/yr.

This maintenance plan gives your site dedicated hosting (with up to 50,000 monthly visitors), nightly backups, updates, and security protection. This includes website hosting, customer support, website backups, website updates, plugin updates, domain renewal, SSL certificate, and active malware protection. After website publication, new website features or adjustments are billed at an hourly rate of $100/hr. on an as-needed basis.


Payment Schedule

Payments for this project will be made in 2 equal payments: before the project starts, and once the project is complete. Invoices will be sent through PayPal or Quickbooks. You can also pay by check, mailed to Red Clay Creative, 1765 Greensboro Station Place, 9th Floor, McLean, VA 22102. Work will begin once the first payment is received.

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Prices are subject to variation if this proposal is not signed within a 30-day period from the date of this document. If the scope of the project is different from this estimate, the project price could be adjusted accordingly.

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